You have to BREATHE!

Posture, breath, and your energy level is an unspoken nonverbal cue of your social status, your personality, and the confidence you have in what you do. Your body placement rules how your posture and your breath work together.

We are built to breathe!  We started from birth breathing correctly. It is stress from our busy lifestyles that creates tension and gets in the way of good breathing. This video shows how babies naturally breathe correctly and without stress.  Learning to breathe correctly will not only improve your presentation skills, but it will also improve every aspect of your life!

One of the key aspects of feeling good when you speak in front of others is breathing well. Good breathing comes from learning to take a diaphragmatic breath. Good posture is key to achieving a correct diaphragmatic breath.  If the body is squished by bad posture, the breath will feel tight and shallow. 

Good breathing allows the body to stay naturally relaxed letting...

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How Are You Presenting Yourself?

By Kerstin O'Shields, CEO and Founder of The Body Language Strategy Academy


We live in the “information age” where information on ANYTHING is available 24/7. You can even earn a college degree sitting on your couch with your favorite bag of chips all by yourself with no one there. I can learn how to change the oil in my car off a DIY (Do It Yourself) website… but I don’t really want to. I would rather pay someone else who has mastered that skill to do it while I happily sit in the lobby playing on my smartphone.

How people see you as a person is how they view your business as a whole.

Our bodies are our communication tools. How you engage your audience physically is essential because 80% of communication is nonverbal. If you are not using nonverbal communication to express your information correctly, you are missing out on the biggest part of communicating to your audience with what you have to offer them. You’ve just knocked out 80% of...

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