Virtual Etiquette- Taking Turns Talking In A Virtual Meeting

 By Kerstin O'Shields, CEO and Founder of The Body Language Strategy Academy


We learned a lot of good lessons back in a day in kindergarten.

When it comes to virtual etiquette, it's time to bring a few of those lessons forward to the current day virtual meetings to start taming the verbal madness that can happen in this environment.

First, we are going to start with the tried and true action of raising our hand up if you would like to say something.  

I know this seems very basic and rudimentary, but it has been a very effective tool in the classroom management world for a very long time.  At times, the conversations in virtual meetings can have an easy flow. But more often than not, these meetings can get terribly busy and even turn to the point of verbally chaotic.  Raising your hand is an easy visual way to let others know you would like to add to the conversation without it becoming a vocal yelling match to see who is the loudest of everyone...

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